How To Find New Music You’ll Actually Like & That Doesn’t Suck


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6 Responses

  1. cancel my membership says:

    I would like to cancel. I cannot find the email place to do it. The account in which it is billed id (last 9 digits)
    142282289. Please let me know if this has been cancelled.
    Thank you,

  2. Kenny says:

    Karen,This is NOT eMusic, so we cannot process your cancellation, but here’s a detailed post on how to do it with screenshots:

  3. I have been trying to cancel your service please cancel asap i was chrged already for the 9.99 trail memberhsip was not up up had back in 02/15/08 was chrg on 02/18/08 please cancel asap

  4. Kenny says:

    Vickie, your problem might be resolved if you communicate with directly. As indicated in the comment directly before yours and on this website, is not owned or operated by This blog is not, nor can you do any emusic customer service inquiries here.

    I have written tips to help users like you. For example, I’ve written a detailed post with screen shots to help you cancel your emusic subscription if you cannot figure where to find the option on the site:

  5. sara mason says:

    I want I subscription to be canceled immediately and I do not want my credit card charged for this subscription anymore. The credit card ends in 1563.

  1. May 2, 2007

    […] eMusic is a great alternative to iTunes in that it offers much of the same catalog of songs (over 2 million songs), works with your iPod, but costs much less – about 33 cents/song vs a buck at […]

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How To Find New Music You’ll Actually Like & That Doesn’t Suck
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