How To Get A Free Replacement Samsung Blackjack i607 From AT&T Wireless


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17 Responses

  1. Kyle says:

    Just did this today. Took me around 45 minutes (30-40 of those on hold) but a new blackjack is in the mail!

  2. Kenny says:

    Kyle, You’ll be glad you did!

    Just don’t forget to wipe out the phone data before sending it back (you never know!). (CLICK HERE…video too!)

    And don’t forget to take our BOTH your SIM card + your MicroSD Card — they are easy to forget! (I am sharing from experience with a previous phone exchange)

    And finally, you may want to bookmark this upgrade details page to the new operation system from microsoft for free.

  3. brandon says:

    I was contacted about this issue and sent a new phone… however I can’t seem to figure out how to transfer my data, contacts, etc from the old phone to the new phone. ActiveSync seems to not have that functionality. What did you guys do?

  4. Darwin says:

    I called the number above and spoke to rep but she said that the manufacturer haven’t sent them any information about any recall. Do you have a link or site that i can go to direct them when i cal back again?

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Ali says:

    Call 800-801-1101, option 3. I just called that number and got my phone replaced

  6. Mary Cotton says:

    FYI -When I contacted AT&T I was told that the replacement phone will not be a NEW phone, but rather a re-furbished phone….and that it will only have a 90 day warranty…I do not feel that this is a fair replacement. I believe the phone should in fact be a new phone and that the warranty should be a minimum of six months preferably 12 months. Also, did anyone receive a letter from AT&T making them aware of this potential issue? My manager received a letter about a week ago, but I have not received any notification. Just like Kenny I thought my poor reception was due to a poor cellular network. If my manager had not received a letter notifying him of the potential problem I would still be in the dark. I question the integrity of both AT&T and Samsung for not be more pro-active and customer centric regarding this issue.

  7. Kenny says:

    brandon, You can use ActiveSync to sync your Outlook with your phone’s data. So your PC will have all of your current contacts, calendar items, tasks, and email.

    Then when you get your new phone, you can simply sync your PC’s Outlook data with your phone – basically pushing all the data to your new phone.

    Hope that helps.

  8. Kenny says:

    Mary, I understand your issue. Some customers have reported success with asking to the customer service reps to notate the account and extend the warranty to 6 months.

    And FYI, you may not get a refurbished phone. I believe refurbished electronics have to come with a sticker indicating that is it refurbished. However, sometimes you get a phone that’s brand new – it all depends on their stock.

    If you have had your phone for over 9 months, then the 90 day warranty is a moot point since you had less than 90 days left on your current handset’s warranty. If you had your Blackjack for less, then the gap between [“Current age of your phone” + 3 months] and 12 months is the “loss of coverage” you are talking about. Most times this is a none issue.

    But another suggestion is to create a tickler reminder in your calendar to check at 2 1/2 months or so. If you have ANY issues with your replacement handset, you should call in to proactively try to get another replacement (which Cingular/AT&T Wireless Tier 2 support) is usually good about.

    I’ve replaced one of my phones 3 times within a given year for various issues in the past (not the Blackjack) – some of them admittedly non-critical issues. But in the end, I’ve gotten shiny new handsets each time.

    Hope that helps.

  9. Mary Cotton says:

    It does – thanks for the great idea on the tickle reminder. I will keep my fingers crossed that my replacement phone will be a new one !

  10. jen says:

    Hi, i got my phone 12/06, it was made 12/06 as well (right when it first got out).

    i called today, and never got the letter, but was told i do not qualify for this because i purchased it over a year ago, and there was only a 1 year warranty….

    HELP!!! i was never contacted about this “recall”

  11. BLEHHH :) says:

    Well, you should complain, or buy a new one ^_^

  12. mody says:

    help me plz i make Upgrade for samsung blackjack i607 but by softwear i600 and my phone dont work any more when i turn on my phone it said phone off and when i try to turn my network on it dont turn on and when i try to concted my phone with my pc my pc give me erorr msg said uknowport i try to many way to make Upgrade for softwaer i607 again to make my phone work but i can’t becuz i dont have coneted between my pc and my mobile any body here can helo me with this

    thank u

  13. Eric says:

    My Blackjack is not picking up a signal. I just got it not even two weeks ago, but I didn’t get it from the AT&T store. I got it from Ebay. Will AT&T still help me? It didn’t stop picking up a signal until after the first 24 hours. The seller on Ebay said for defective rturns, you must contact him within 24 hrs of receiveing the product. Will AT&T help me? Or am I screwed?

  14. Kenny says:

    @Eric – You might want to investigate the policies of eBay/PayPal for defective merchandise and how to get a refund.

    Another suggetion – Are subscribed to AT&T Phone Insurance which is $4.99/month ? I believe there is a “break in period” in which you have to wait XX days after the start of the policy start date before you can submit a claim.

    I would also push the seller again to work something out.

  15. darrien bryer says:

    hey i have a blackjack with no back, battery, or charger. so i want to replace it for the cheapest blackjack phone ever and if your sold out can you give me instead or iphone.

  16. please help me with my sgh-i607 that just went blank screen, now i can’t do anything with it please help me

  17. Jessica says:

    I got mine before the date under the battery. How does that work?

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How To Get A Free Replacement Samsung Blackjack i607 From AT&T Wireless
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