How To Sync Your Samsung Blackjack Phone To Your Laptop or PC via Wireless Bluetooth


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  1. May 21, 2007

    […] Beside the point that I think everyone knows that if you show a photo of a pda/smartphone/cell phone with a qwerty keyboard that email is one of the things it can do. How about showcasing things you can do on your Blackjack that you never knew or thought aboutregarding cell phones? Like live streaming TV & video. Or XM satellite radio? Or access any of 2 million+ songs? Or interactive maps with real-time traffic? Or that your Blackjack IS an mp3 player that makes carrying your iPod totally unnecessary? Or take real video clips that’s limited in length only by the memory card you have? Or watching your tivo recordings on your cell phone? Or listen to audiobooks to kill time during your commute? Or get free 411 directory assistance? Or use it as a wireless near-dsl speed modem for your laptop? Or sync not only your email, contacts, tasks, calendar, but also syncFILES (like a flash drive!)? Or simply that’s it’s the best-selling smartphone right now? Or you can get instant traffic, weather and other local news from tv stations? Or convert your home movies or any other video files for that matter to watch on your Blackjack? Or that you can tell your Blackjack to do things and it will listen? Or… […]

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How To Sync Your Samsung Blackjack Phone To Your Laptop or PC via Wireless Bluetooth
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