Is 46% Taxes Reasonable?


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  1. Al Baran says:

    Looks like you did no research on these fees:

    USF Fee: Vonage actually spent its own money appealing the FCC’s ruling to force VOIP providers to pay into the Universal service fee ( Guess what: they lost.

    911 Fee: Yea, same thing. FCC (squarely in the pocket of Verizon/AT&T) decided that Voip Providers (read: Vonage & Comcast) had to provide customers enhanced 911 service, in 9 months time from ruling to completion. Cell phone companies have had over 25 years to provide spotty 911 service.

    Most States (including New Jersey, or Washington State) force all telecommunications providers to pay to have access to the PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point). 6100+ of ’em paid for by your tax money and the fee. So, since you voted for this service by electing the officials, Vonage (in fact every Voip provider [got it on my Packet8 bill when I had them]) passed that fee on to the consumer.

    That regulatory service fee? Remember how everyone had to have number portability? Yea, that’s not a free ride either.

    And Sales Tax… Yea, seems the state decided that since people would not pay a sales tax (how many people actually pay the state their rightful tax for goods and services bought on the internet) unless it was collected for them, you get stuck with that too.

    Hey, if you got the $24.99 plan, only your sales tax would have gone up. The percentage of your bill would be less. Heck, in California, they’re planning on increasing sales tax on telecommunications for any company that terminates a call in the state.

    So, please, remember that when voting for these people at the polling booth. Hey, in the fine state of California, we’re 3.1 billion in the hole. Those folks in New Jersey are ahead of us, 3.3 billion in the hole. Don’t ask me why a fine company like Vonage would headquarter themselves in the tax center of the world.

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Is 46% Taxes Reasonable?
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