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Commonly the "go-to" guy amongst his circle of friends and associates for everyday e-life problems or sharing the latest "things you'd glad to find out about," Kenny Jahng provides simple answers & entries in plain english here at esssistme.com. Kendrick Jahng is founder of Big Click Syndicate LLC, providing online marketing consulting & coaching to SMB (small-to-medium sized businesses) as well as operating several online digital properties. Kenny's marketing blog, "Online Marketing Brain Dump," can be found on USAToday.com at http://www.onlinemarketingbraindump.com.

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2 Responses

  1. what projects specifically?

  2. Kenny says:

    John, I’ve used outsourced freelancers for a gamut of things!

    For example, I have hired a virtual assistant on retainer for XX hours per month – I am able to send task requests via chat, email, web form, or by leaving a detailed voicemail. Tasks I’ve used the VA for include basic web research on question I have – What are exact requirements and IRS forms needed to get the tax credit for installing a high efficiency HVAC system? Or find out the service times for approx. 60 online churches I’m tracking and update my spreadsheet.

    I’ve hired coders to help build out websites such as a flashcard website in flash. Or when I was on vacation and *just* upgraded to Windows 7 before leaving, but didn’t test out my laptop, I found out after arriving in the hotel room that my webcam, mic, and other onboard components didn’t work. After trying to download and update drivers myself unsuccessfully for 30 minutes, I posted a tech support gig. Within 25 min I found a qualified guy in Morocco that worked on my laptop for 4 hours via remote desktop sharing and fixed it all (price tag: $7.15…I gave him a bonus though).

    I’m now working to post a job using Amazon Turks to help me acquire survey data on an issue I’d like to write about on another blog. It will probably cost me $25-$50 to gather up 100-200 data points on the various questions/topics I want to investigate.

    Another job is to input tags for blog posts on a blog that I recently ported over from blogger.com to wordpress. Better tagging will help overall SEO, and having a human go through the couple hundred posts and find descriptive keywords (I will supply a general list of related keywords for that blog to the freelancer to help them get them going) is something that is worth the expense.

    I just commissioned a folk song by a quirky guitar player I found for a promotional marketing campaign I am running on another website. The next step it to have a motion graphic or slide show video clip created to match the length of the song and once edited together, publish and syndicate that content to appropriate outlets (this last part of course could be outsourced too!).

    As you can see, the options are endless.

    My suggestion is to with a start small job, be as detailed as possible about the job you are describing, look at portfolios & ratings of bidders on your job, ask questions to clarify anything and everything before hiring them.

    Good luck!

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Outsource Your Work With Freelancers
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