Super Tip For Creating Safe + Memorable Passwords for Online Accounts


Commonly the "go-to" guy amongst his circle of friends and associates for everyday e-life problems or sharing the latest "things you'd glad to find out about," Kenny Jahng provides simple answers & entries in plain english here at Kendrick Jahng is founder of Big Click Syndicate LLC, providing online marketing consulting & coaching to SMB (small-to-medium sized businesses) as well as operating several online digital properties. Kenny's marketing blog, "Online Marketing Brain Dump," can be found on at

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2 Responses

  1. Chris D says:

    Great post Kenny J. As the expert…I would love to hear your opinion on software or browsers that remember passwords for you. Are these safe? What are the pros and cons of using these?

  2. Kenny says:

    Sure, why not. The big question Chris D, is if your computer is fully in your control, or if it is shared — even within family. For example, as an eBay PowerSeller, there has been countless excuses where the kids or wife (or husband) goes on eBay, logs into an account that is owned by another family member through the use of auto-password-completion features found in Firefox or add-on software. And when the bill comes due, they reneg claiming they didn’t make the purchase, but someone else in their family (a lot of kids) gained access to their account this way (it’s an eye-opening experience for some people not because of eBay access, but some have found their kids gaining access to their bank accounts, etc via the auto-password-completion functions!).

    Personally, I don’t recommend it — if you have a password pattern/algorthym that works like this one in the post, you won’t really need to reply upon these. That’s my $0.02 and I’m sticking with it!

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Super Tip For Creating Safe + Memorable Passwords for Online Accounts
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