First Look: Twitter Peek Dedicated Tweeting Device

Seems like the Twitterverse is expanding at break neck speed these days.

If you’re tweeting from your cell phone using text messaging, most likely you’re on an unlimited texting plan.  Or so we hope.

Tweeting is fun, and it sure is convenient to tweet on the run via your phone.

BUT if you’re anywhere close to being an ubertweeter, or just someone that has come to embrace the Tweetworld, tweeting via text messaging ain’t going to be enough.

You need something that can store and easily shuffle through the hundreds of tweets you received daily.  You’d also need a quick way to scan your own @ messages and DM (direct messages) received via Twitter so that you could respond.

Enter the Peek Inc’s Twitter Peek device.  Billed as the world’s first (and only so far) dedicated Twitter device, it is a simple do-on-thing-only device.  And did we mention there’s no contract, or expensive billing plans either? They even have a lifetime service plan so you can forget about costs for the rest of your life!

Here’s a first look at the product I received from Peek Inc recently to review for you here on  Over the next weeks you’ll hopefully see more of the TwitterPeek as I tweet with it and find out what it’s good at . . . and NOT.

I’m looking forward to trying out this device since I get A LOT of Tweets on just one of my accounts and have lots of interaction with the thousands of tweeps on my following/follower lists.

GOT A TWITTER PEEK? Leave a comment below with your own thoughts about the device and share your experience.

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