99 URL Shortening Services to Make Shortcut Website Addresses

TinyURL.com was the the forever favorite for URL shortening services out there largely because of first mover advantage.

I heard an podcast interview with the creator of TinyURL recently, and surprisingly he doesn’t have any business plan in place other than the Google Adwords text ads placed on the URL creation page.

But this past week, I went looking for other options for easier to remember URL shortcuts. And perhaps even shorter than the 7 characters in “tinyurl”.

Here’s a short video that explains how to shorten a URL using Google’s entry into the market with their Goo.gl URL shortening service…

Here’s 99+ services out there that give you shorter urls that you can use to forward to friends, post in blog or forum posts, and increase the odds that an URL you reference via email won’t “break” when it’s read by the recipient: (more…)

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