Look Ma, No Hands! Part II: How To Search Google Without Typing or Saying a Thing

Google search is one of my favorite resources for me while I’m on the road.  Personally I love being able to look things up via text message on the fly — faster than 411 can deliver results.

Sometimes I’ll use Google via my mobile browser on my phone.

But there’s a new mobile search app which Google has released to the Android phone platform which takes mobile search to a whole another level.

They already have the ability to take any voice recording and integrate it into their searches. It is a matter of time before voice search becomes widely available to mobile phones.

But in the meantime, wherever you may be, you are now a SNAP, not a click, away from search results.

Here’s how . . .


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Quickest Way To Look Up Movie Listings

School’s out!

Winter break is here for the kids!

A whole week or two off to fill the kids’ schedules with fun stuff to do if you’re not going away on vacation.

A trip to the movie theater is in order since there are a couple of blockbuster movies that just came out and they pass the litmus test for child-appropriate as well.

Here’s a tip to find out which movies are playing now in your area:

Google has a search built just for movie theaters and listings. You can search by zip code, but movie, or by theater. There are links to reviews as well as listings for future dates so you can plan your movie nights out this weekend.

Just go to http://www.google.com/movies and type in your zip code to start your search!

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List of 100+ Official Google Blogs (& some unofficial)

If you’re involved or interested in anything about online marketing, search engine optimization, etc, then Google is a part of your life.

Here’s a list of Google-releated blogs. A quick search of Google references in the blogosphere came up with over 14 million blog posts, not to mention the 1 Billion+ SERP’s that come up when you search for Google on Google. That’s over 80 pages worth of search results!

So of course the list starts with The Official Google Corporate Blogand then makes it’s way down the list by product or country or employees, including Matt Cutts, who’s blog is probably one of the most popular.


International Google Blogs:

Google Employee Blogs:

Some Former Google Employee’s Blogs:

Know of any more? Please share them via comments!

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