How To Get WiFi-N Signal Strength From WiFI-G or WiFI-B Routers

Personally, I have wifi-B routers in the house.  To extend the coverage, I’ve daisy-chained two of them to increase the footprint of reception.  It’s really easy to use a 2nd wireless router to basically act as an extension cord.  All you have to do is turn of DHCP and make it into a wireless switch (switches are different than routers, but that’s a different blog post right there).

But I still have areas of the house and backyard deck where the signal strength is a bit weak.  So I’ve been monitoring prices for the latest WiFi-N routers of course.  The other option is to buy an “extender” or larger antennas – but the price is about the same with option A or option B.   Since what I have set-up basically works for 90% of my needs, I’m in no rush to spend full retail for the upgrade.

I recently heard of a hack that turbo boosts your signal.  Here’s an amazingly simple router hack that lets you boost your Wi-Fi signal strength (in truth, it works for 802.11N / G / B / etc) for about $0.25.

The secret is in the parabola. . . check out this video tutorial to see how to create the wifi signal extender in less than 10 minutes:

If you don’t want to risk 10 minutes of your time to make an actual antenna dish, here’s a video that shows all the steps in detail. It’s not that involved in making the wifi extender parabolic reflector from the printable template. Remember all you need is the printed template, aluminum foil, scissors and a glue stick.

Ok, now do you like what you see?

Here’s the link for the printable wifi-extender template:


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