Google’s Secret Switch For Secret IM Chatting with Gmail Gtalk

Most instant messaging is for short, *instant* contact with others online. You’re not out to create eloquent dialogue nor really keep memories of your im chats with your friends or co-workers.

But when you’re chatting in Gmail with Gtalk, did you know that by default all your chats are saved in your gmail account — AND in the account of your instant messaging chat partner?

You may not want all your informal casual chat content to be saved (and used for whatever reason!) forever on the other side.

Well, Gmail’s IM Gtalk has a relatively unknown feature that STOPS recording everything you type in your IM chats. It won’t save your chats and more importantly, your entire chat transcripts won’t be saved in your friend’s gmail account either.

Basically you are taking your IM chats off the grid — like it used to be when you used AIM, Y! Messenger, etc.

Here’s a quick video on how to turn off the chat transcript recording feature in Gmail Gtalk — on a per-person/per-chat basis or by default for all your chats going forward:

Now you can zip those instant messages back and forth without worry about where they’ll pop up later somewhere without you knowing about it.

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