Wake Up And Remember By The Coffee

So I was headed into Starbucks for my Grande Pike Hazelnut Cold Soy and plopped down onto one of the stuffy armchairs to take a load off my heels.

I cracked open my laptop and started to wince because I didn’t remember if I used my Starbucks registered gift card within the last 30 days or not and I just paid cash.

Why is this important?† Because you get up to 2 free hours of WiFi daily at any Starbucks if you just use a registered Starbucks prepaid card within the last 30 days.† Otherwise, pay up pal.

But then it hit me and I remembered!

And in fact, there was no real need to remember, because my browser screen told me everything I needed to know right then and there:

YUP, Starbucks finally got rid of that last forced-loyalty obstacle and is giving away free one-click WiFi to anyone that seeks it out.

The connection is still on the AT&T Wireless network — which means my iPhone gets free coverage anyway there.† But my laptop can now jump on the net instantly without any authentication nonsense.

Whew.† One less thing between me and my emails.

BONUS TIP: When you’re out and about, Starbucks isn’t the only national chain to offer completely free WiFi these days.† Check out McDonald’s too — you now have access to free AT&T WiFi at those locations as well.† That’s not enough? How about Barnes & Nobles?† More you say?† Ok, stop by any Office Depot or Staples or even Panera Bread nationwide.† Heck, you don’t even have to go into a store many times — like when you’re in the NYC metro area, you might find yourself in a free wifi zone in town. Enjoy!

QUESTION: What other national chains are offering free WiFi?

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17 Must-Know Habits of iPhone Super-Users That Save And Extend Battery Life

If youíre an iPhone 4 power user like me by the time lunch-time comes around, you start to get concerned about just how much longer you can last without an outlet and phone charger. . .

While the battery in the iPhone 4 far surpasses the older generation models supposedly, I find that I use my iPhone so much now that it has so many features (and apps!). So seriously, there are times where I’m done to 20% battery life by lunch time!

How do you keep your iPhone charged to extend the battery life when you’re out and about?

Well, I checked with a bunch of self-proclaimed iPhone gurus that I’ve connected with in the recent past.

Check out some of these tips below.† Hope you find some new ideas to save the battery on the iPhone: (more…)

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How To Get Free WiFi Hotspot Access If You Are A Comcast Internet Customer

Ever been out and about wishing you had a wifi connection?

Of course you have!

Instead of trolling for open wifi signals, you might want to consider a more reliable solution. Of course, you could sign-up for Boingo, Wayport or other WiFi networks, but if you are a Comcast Hispeed Internet Customer (randomly branded Xfinity recently to confuse customers as much as possible of course), you might want to check out this option before you go out and spend any more money.

I recently found out that I can get access to a free WiFi hotspot roaming account just because I’m a Comcast customer — and so can you!

In fact, through this largely unpromoted feature of Comcast Internet accounts, you already have it! There’s no need to turn anything on, upgrade or change anything on your account.

If you take a look at the coverage map of NYC and the Tri-State Area, you’ll see that there are TONS of Free WiFi Hotspots available for you to connect to in almost any general vicinity.

Free WiFi Hotspot access

Check out the quick video blog update below which I recorded today and uploaded using the free WiFi connection that details how to get free WiFi access across town and while traveling:

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Deal Alert: Free Apple iPhone 3G 8GB (No Rebates Either)

Here’s a straight-forward deal alert:

If you’ve been saving up for an Apple iPhone on the AT&T network, you don’t have to break open your piggy bank any more.

BestBuy usually sells the Apple iPhone 3G with 8GB Memory in shiny Black for $99 with contract or upgrade for existing customers.

In fact, if you want to shell out your 100 bucks for the iPhone, you can see the regular offer on their website right now.¬† Just go to www.BestBuy.com and search for the “iPhone 3G”.

You won’t be able to buy it on the internet like you can from AT&T Wireless or Apple.com because Best Buy only sells the phone directly to you in their big box store locations.

But if you can get $100 off the price of an iPhone 3G, wouldn’t you be willing to drive to the store to pick it up?

This offer is extremely tempting. . . (more…)

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How To Gain Podcast Powers – Part 4

I’m so glad that we had the opportunity to feature Graham Scharf’s wisdom about podcasting microphone accessories on essistme.com.

He really covered the basics for those that want to take that first step in creating good quality audio content for podcasting.

His tips find the intersection of quality / ease / price and practicality.

Here’s Graham’s final installment of Podcast Powers: (more…)

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How To Send Free Text Messages From Your Apple iPhone (or any other cell phone)

The original iPhone cellular plan from AT&T included 200 free SMS Text Messages per month…

But AT&T and Apple got wise as they started to sell millions of new iPhones and no longer include free text messaging in the data plan.

Now, you have to pay $5 or more to add on buckets of text messages or else you’re stuck paying $0.15 per text message a la carte.

And especially if you have a teen daughter that did nothing but send 10,000+ text messages in a single month at school, home, and everywhere else, you’ll be stuck with a massive cell phone bill (imagine getting a cell phone bill from Verizon Wireless for $4,756.25 in a single month?) you need to know about this free service.

Here’s a great tip for how to send free text message from the iPhone WITHOUT any additional text message plan.

Of course this also works on any other web-enabled smart phone like Windows Mobile devices… (more…)

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$25 Discount On The Apple iPhone

UPDATE: the Apple iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS are both now much cheaper, but the $25 promotion still is in progress!¬† Read this post below and send me your details outlined at the end of the post and we’ll submit your information to AT&T Wireless to get you started in the process of verification for the free $25 gift card!

Here is the original post below:

At a whopping $599 or even the lesser $499 price tag, the Apple iPhone is surely to burn a big fat whole in your wallet.

But here’s a way to knock off a couple of bucks from the big fat receipt you’ll get with the iPhone. . . (more…)

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