Free Screen Capture Software That Clicks With Me

More and more, I’m find the necessity to create screen capture images of my desktop or a portion of a browser window more and more.

Typically, I’ve used the actual “Prt Sc” Print Screen button or the SHIFT+ALT+PRT SC combo to capture just the active window.  This puts the screen grab into the clipboard memory.

From there, it’s an easy paste into MS Paint to resize or annotate with arrows, callout boxes, etc before saving it as “screen-URLorPROGRAMNAME.jpg” to use elsewhere – on blogs, twitpic, email, etc.

I’ve used a couple of Windows screen capture apps but none does what I want without cluttering my icon tray and hogging up resources.  Recently, I’ve been testing out browser-based apps that do pretty much all I need. . .

One of them is called FireShot Pro and I used it with FireFox:

It’s been an easy-to-use screen capture program that works as a live browser plugin.  The free version does most of what I need and even does (more…)

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