Windows 7 Hocus Pocus Disappearing Act Solved: Show Desktop Shortcuts

I have always loved my laptop, but hated the OS.

So I recently upgraded my laptop from Windows Vista Business to Windows 7 on recommendation from…everyone.  That’s right, just about anybody who used to use Vista before has said to do the switch pronto . . .

Windows 7 supposedly has more stability and speed than Vista.  The techie mags and blogs seemed to agree, so I made the jump. . .

But now, as I get to know the new OS platform, I’m trying to figure out how to do all the tasks I routinely performed on a daily basis pre-Windows 7.  Most of it has been ok — whenever you upgrade, it takes a little time getting used to the new look and feel.  Upgrades are supposed to bring improvements and changes, right?

But there’s a couple of seemingly small things that have changed or plainly disappeared *POOF!* which make big differences in my daily workflow.  It is frustrating because you sit there wondering where did they go?

Using the SHOW DESKTOP icon which was previously conveniently placed in my taskbar at the bottom of the screen was one of them.  But guess what?!  There’s no more icon/shortcut available in Windows 7 that’s available in the task bar! :(

Personally, because I need to get back to the desktop so often, this creates a big hole in my Windows 7 experience.  Luckily, there’s two specific ways to do the same function without much hassle or headache.   Here’s two ways to SHOW DESKTOP in Windows 7:


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Deal Alert: Microsoft Windows 7 Premium $29.99

Microsoft is at it again.

Last time, it discounted Microsoft Office ULTIMATE down to $59.

Now, it is targeting a huge pool of prospective customers and slashing the price of their flagship product for 2009-10. It is selling complete legal versions of Windows 7, for a mere $29.99.

And it’s not the basic edition. It’s for the Home Premium version of Windows 7!


If you are a student or teacher associated with a university (basically if you have a .edu address) then you pass the first step of qualification for this promotion.

It’s one upgrade that I’m actually jumping on after my less-than-happy experiences with Windows Vista Business to date.

Lucky 7, here I come.


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