Tivo Tip: How to Watch Live TV While Recording Another


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3 Responses

  1. dabo says:

    Series 2 and 3 Tivos now have this capability built in

  2. kkcoolj says:

    dabo, Yes, Series 3 Tivo’s seem to have this built in, but not all Series 2 Tivo’s. Only specific Series 2 models like DirecTV + Tivo combos.

    For the rest of us, it’s basically a set-up where if you simply have a TV with jacks for both Composite Video In and RF In–most TVs have both–then you can easily set it up with the set-up explained above.

    Happy viewing!

  3. billu says:

    Directivo’s are a different animal. You cannot just split the signal as the controller unit in the DTIVO will tell the MUX on the back of the dish to send down one of two set of signals. If you just did a split then if you change channels you have a 50/50 chance to change the channel that you are recording without notices as the MUX is sending a different set of signals down that wire.

    All DTivo’s have the ability to record two channels at once (or record one and view one) (or record two and view a previously recorded). Running two cables is the easiest method.

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Tivo Tip: How to Watch Live TV While Recording Another
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