How To Bulk Submit To Social Bookmarking Sites

Social media is all the rage these days.

Anyone with a website knows they should be submitting their website pages to the various social bookmarking sites to gain better visibility on the web.

But we’re also talking about a time consuming task to do the repetitive submissions to the top social bookmarking sites like:, Propeller, Delicious,, Stumbleupon, Technorati, Mixx, Twitter,, etc.

There are completely automated tools that submit in bulk, but sometimes they can be seen as spam. The next best thing to manual hand submissions one at a time is to use a semi-automated tool. . . allows you to set-up the basics first and then go through various filtered lists of social bookmarking sites and quick-click-thru to the posting page with the main data pre-populated for you.

Here’s a video walk-through tutorial of the process of using

It won’t completely eliminate the time-consuming task of manually submitting to dozens of social bookmark sites, but it certainly will shave off a decent portion of time spent on the task. Moreover, it will help you to consistently submit to the top sites using’s list of sites.

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Google Tip: The Google Calculator App

The other day, I was crunching numbers across the desk with someone else on a project and reached for my handy-dandy-Google Calculator app. It helps me figure out quick math equations on the fly without launching any new application or website. There’s been a couple of times where someone has seen me do this and they are pleasantly surprised to find this neat little feature that they’ve had available all this time, but didn’t know about.

So here’s a quick video tutorial on how to use the Google Calculator straight from the browser bar.

Any other Google features you use often? Please share them and leave a comment below!

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Is Your Self-Worth Defined By Your Twitter Follower Count?

The Pew Internet Research Study just came out stating the 19% of people use status updates in social media. That’s a BIG number which only means the social media is here to stay – and the Facebooks and Twitters of the world is changing how we communicate, connect and even identify ourselves.

The Twitter follower count is a huge narcissistic idol for almost everyone that jumps on board initially.

Thought it would be interested to see where you thought you were in the Twitter Self-Worth Maturity Ladder. Take the quick poll below and let’s see where everyone ends up.

BE HONEST now! 😉

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