Technology is a funny thing. Usually it’s ahead of our times. And so many people acquire “technology” without the faintest knowledge of how to use it. We buy it just to have it, right? We buy it because everyone else has it. We buy it because it’s the “Premium” or “Ultra” version — it’s got to be better, even if we don’t need it!

Can you think of the last time you bought a “better” version of something just to make sure you got the best model with more features — even if you didn’t know exactly how to use those features?


The WSJ reported in February 2007 that 50% of HDTV owners aren’t using the HD capability in their sets.Half of the customers paid extra for high-definition picture quality in their TV’s, but don’t use it!

And 50% of those that don’t use it actually think they are using it when they are not! They think the picture quality they are seeing is the best quality their TV can show. (Many of them think that the “Now Broadcasting in HDTV” they see the beginning of some TV shows means that they are in fact viewing the program in HD right now).


It’s all too complicated. It was recently shown that product managers have a preference to create products with more features just to have features, even if the consumer doesn’t want it or use it. The manuals certainly don’t help either. And forget about it when the sales guy or tech support tries to explain it to you. Increasingly we just need the courage to say out loud, “Can you say that again in plain English?!?!?!”.


The trick is to learn the tips and tricks to use the technology you already have make your life easier. I have spent hours and hours finding the best ways to integrate some of the gadgets into my daily life to make me more efficient and basically get more out of them.

Commonly the “go-to” guy amongst my circle of friends for everyday e-life problems or learning about the latest “things you’re glad to know about,” I’m trying to provide simple answers & entries in plain english here at esssistme.com. The articles on this site will hopefully help you avoid the same roadblocks, dead ends, frustrations, or time-sinks that everyone seems to hit using the technology that surrounds us all today. Don’t believe them when they point to me as the coolest Korean guy. I’m just trying to be helpful.


On this site, you’ll find tips for things like the latest cell phones such as the Samsung Blackjack, Treo or Blackberry, the Tivo DVR, my Sony Vaio Laptop, VoIP calling with Vonage, and a variety of really useful sites on the Internet. I’ve tried to write them in simple, easy-to-understand language with step-by-step instructions when possible. And you’ll find new practical tips you can really utilize.

Hopefully you’ll find a tip or two that you’ll use from http://www.essistme.com/ or better yet, forward one of your own on to me so that we can share it with others across the world wide web.


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Kenny JahngKendrick Jahng is founder & CEO of Big Click Syndicate LLC, providing online marketing consulting & coaching to SMB (small-to-medium sized businesses) clients as well as operating several online digital properties.

You can read his marketing issues blog on USAToday.com, called “Online Marketing Brain Dump” at http://www.onlinemarketingbraindump.com/

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