What’s Your Best Tip To Extend The Battery Life On An iPhone 4??

If you’re an iPhone 4 power user like me by the time lunch-time comes around, you start to get concerned about just how much longer you can last without an outlet and phone charger. . .

So here’s where you come in!  Share your best tip for conserving battery life on the iPhone.

  • Do you actively manage/turn off WiFi or 3G mode?
  • Did you buy extra chargers for every room in your home and work as well as your car?
  • Are there any must-download utility apps that help the cause?
  • What other great tip can you share? We want to know!

If your tip oozes awesomeness, I’ll even include it in the e-book I’m currently writing for iPhone owners.  And one more thing, make sure you fill out all the personal details on the form below so I can give you full credit (and link back to your site or social media profile page) for your tip!

You’ll get an email when the blog post goes live so you can promote it and maximize the exposure as one of the most helpful  iGadget gurus around!  Woohoo!

[NOTE: Please make a catchy tip title — and capitalize the first letter of each word in the title to make it easier on me when collating/ editing the post. Thank ya much!]

Thanks a million!

Kenny Jahng

Head-Honcho (whatever that means!) at Essist Me.com

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