Apple iPhone TV Commercial Ad: “Calamari”

The Wall Street Journal featured an interview article this past week with AT&T Wireless’s top marketing person that talked about the rebranding of Cingular to AT&T that entered it’s last phase this week and also the introduction of the new iPhone cell phone from Apple.  The question is how much of the marketing promotion will be “Apple” style and how much “AT&T” style — especially with the deal between AT&T Wireless and Apple for this launch where AT&T’s logo isn’t stamped on the phone.  Steve Jobs negotiated a deal where he’s retaining a lot of control over the image of the product…as usual.


Apple’s iPhone is coming out on AT&T Wireless’s network in just a week.  And there’s a slew of Apple TV Commercials all over the place that shows off some of the neat cell phone features and interface.  Here’s one of them called “Calamari”:



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Hooked On Phonics, Web-style

When our daughter was started to read in school, we picked up Hooked on Phonics and started her on the system.  It was amazing to see how quickly she picked up reading.  In fact, because we went through the phonics program at home, she became one of the early readers and continues to read higher than her current grade level.  Phonics for reading works!


One drawback was that one of us (Mom or Dad) had to physically devote our time to sit down and go through each lesson with her side by side.  It was not just about being attentive to her work, it was taking the phonics reading materials and actively teaching her the lessons from the lesson book and plan.


Now, there’s another alternative that uses the phonics method, (more…)

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Get Continuous Sports Scores on Your Cell Phone

I was recently at an outdoor picnic during the PGA US Open Golf Tournament, and some of the guys were just itching to see how Tiger was doing.  Having access to sports scores would have been nice they all mentioned.  No TV, No Radio, nothing to give them a hint of what’s the current sports score.


But we actually got caught up with all sports via my cell phone.  How?  I first used TellMe — simply dial 1-800-555-TELL and then say “SPORTS” at the prompt.  After that you can say any sport to get the latest sports update — so I said “GOLF” and it let us know that Tiger Woods was 2 behind.  Then I said “BASEBALL” and got more sports updates.


The other place I went to check for more detailed sports updates was through my mobile browser.  I went to on my cell phone and found links to detailed hole-by-hole commentary for the US Open Golf Tournamnet.


There’s another way to get all the latest updates with a little less fumbling around — text message sports updates.  If you’re a sports fan, you’ll really like some of the mobile sports update services available for NFL Football, MLB Baseball, NBA Basketball and NHL Hockey.  The services generally work with any cell phone on the major networks like Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, Nextel, T-Mobile, Alltell, Boost & Virgin Mobile.


Unlimited Sports Scores

They will send you the latest scores, stats & sports news.  You’ll get up to 2 breaking news alerts each day and on game days, they’ll send up to 5 more alerts with stats & scores giving you details of the progress of the games.


They give you unlimited updates and stopping the alerts is as easy as starting, you simply send a text “STOP” to 33139 if you use Blinko services.


This is the perfect distraction from work throughout the day and lets you keep up-to-date of what’s happening on the field in all the sports without having to wait for ESPN Sports Center at home.



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Get an Unlimited Storage Email Account at Yahoo! Mail Free

Do you ever delete messages, not because they’re useless, but rather just because you’re running out of space in you account?


Do you remember the other year when Google launched the account size war for email on April 1st with their free 1 GB Gmail accounts?  Quickly, Yahoo!Mail and others upped their limits.  To this day, Google has been ever increasing storage limits for all users — it’s now over 2GB per account.  But for some, this is not enough – especially with everyone emailing you video clips and hi-res photos they took recently.


Yahoo! is now the first to make a move to make storage limits a moot point in the email wars. . . (more…)

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Movie Follow-up: “Surf’s Up” Family Reviews Get Thumbs Up

Just checking in to let you know that we did in fact see “Surf’s Up”, the computer animated movie about Cody Maverick, the surfing penguin and Big “Z” with our 2 kids tonight.


It was completely on target with what we found at the online family movie review sites we discussed recently.  The 5+ age rating was appropriate and the specific details in the review were exactly what we found when seeing it in the theater. (more…)

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