Deal Alert: Free Apple iPhone 3G 8GB (No Rebates Either)

Here’s a straight-forward deal alert:

If you’ve been saving up for an Apple iPhone on the AT&T network, you don’t have to break open your piggy bank any more.

BestBuy usually sells the Apple iPhone 3G with 8GB Memory in shiny Black for $99 with contract or upgrade for existing customers.

In fact, if you want to shell out your 100 bucks for the iPhone, you can see the regular offer on their website right now.  Just go to and search for the “iPhone 3G”.

You won’t be able to buy it on the internet like you can from AT&T Wireless or because Best Buy only sells the phone directly to you in their big box store locations.

But if you can get $100 off the price of an iPhone 3G, wouldn’t you be willing to drive to the store to pick it up?

This offer is extremely tempting. . . (more…)

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Look Ma, No Hands! Part II: How To Search Google Without Typing or Saying a Thing

Google search is one of my favorite resources for me while I’m on the road.  Personally I love being able to look things up via text message on the fly — faster than 411 can deliver results.

Sometimes I’ll use Google via my mobile browser on my phone.

But there’s a new mobile search app which Google has released to the Android phone platform which takes mobile search to a whole another level.

They already have the ability to take any voice recording and integrate it into their searches. It is a matter of time before voice search becomes widely available to mobile phones.

But in the meantime, wherever you may be, you are now a SNAP, not a click, away from search results.

Here’s how . . .


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Look Ma, No Hands! How to Tweet Via Voice

Sometimes you don’t have a PC with you.

Sometimes you don’t want (or cannot because you’re driving for example) text your Twitter status update.

Sometimes you just want to shout it out to the Twitterverse.

What if there wasa voice transcription service that will take your call and transcribe your voice message into a Tweet via your Twitter account?

All you would have to do is register your phone number so that the service will recognize your caller ID and know which Twitter account to use to put out the voice-transcribed tweet.

And I’d set it up so that it is a toll-free number so that you can use ANY phone to call in your tweet.

Wouldn’t that be cool?  Guess what. . . (more…)

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How Mass Unfollow Your Following On Twitter

This past week I’ve decided that some of my twitter accounts have gotten unwieldy with the auto-follow features set to “ON”.

At first, I took my Twitter following list and purged all the tweeters that are, well, not tweeters – since they haven’t sent a tweet in over 90 days.  I was able to filter the twitter people I follow list based on date of last tweet and then do a mass unfollow via a service called untweeps.

But that wasn’t enough.  What I really wanted was to “start over” as some other famous Twitteratti have done.

But tools like Twitter Karma have disabled the mass unfollow feature.

So I tweeted for help.  And @xanpearson came to the rescue.

She had recently suggested a list of 30 different twitter friend management tools to check out.  And there were plenty to poke around with.

So far, has a decent interface and it does the bulk unfollow feature I have been searching for.

There’s a bunch of other neat features that this site does.  It’s definitely worth checking out if you want to manage your follower/following lists in bulk.

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How To Sync Twitter Tweets With Facebook Status Updates

Most of my friends think I live on Facebook and Twitter because they see so many tweets and FB status updates stream across both social media platforms all day every day.

The truth of the matter is that I spend 1/2 the time they think I am on both sites. How?

I have a Facebook-Twitter application which takes anything I tweet and it automatically posts it to my Facebook status immediately. Thus, my Facebook status feed looks well populated throughout the day and week. The truth is that I may not log into Facebook for a week at a time, but it sure looks like I’m over there (another great tip is that you can both read and respond to Facebook posts outside of with TweetDeck.

Now whenever I tweet, it will automatically sync my Facebook status update with the same thing!

1) Click on GOODIES at the bottom of any page at


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How To Bulk Unfollow Twitter Snoozers From Your List

Twittering is a way of life.  Either you tweet or you don’t.  There’s no half-way in between.

You can’t just log in once in a blue moon and expect others to think you’re part of the Twitterverse community.  What other group would embrace you with open arms if you showed up just 3 times in 2010 for example?

Spring is around the corner and that got me thinking of Spring cleaning for my Twitter follow list.  It’s time to pare down my follow list to those that I really have a real interest, connection or excuse to follow.

I found a great little web-app at that lets you identify who on your Twitter follow lists has NOT tweeted in __ days.

Just input the cutoff and you’re ready for a 1-click bulk unfollow.

I filtered my follow list to see who hasn’t showed up in 100 days.

Just like that, my Twitter follow list was pared down by over a 100 people for one of my Twitter accounts.

There’s other bulk unfollow tools that let you see who’s not reciprocating a follow, those that are spammy, etc.  But this is the first place I think most people should go when trying to clean out their following list.
What other Twitter UNFOLLOW sites do you use to manage your lists?  Please leave a comment below!

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Quickest Way To Look Up Movie Listings

School’s out!

Winter break is here for the kids!

A whole week or two off to fill the kids’ schedules with fun stuff to do if you’re not going away on vacation.

A trip to the movie theater is in order since there are a couple of blockbuster movies that just came out and they pass the litmus test for child-appropriate as well.

Here’s a tip to find out which movies are playing now in your area:

Google has a search built just for movie theaters and listings. You can search by zip code, but movie, or by theater. There are links to reviews as well as listings for future dates so you can plan your movie nights out this weekend.

Just go to and type in your zip code to start your search!

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